● Welding Rotator

The Mogra Engineering Welding Rotators are designed by Engineers having more than three decades of experience in the field and engineered for its peak performance. It incorporates features essential for efficient and economic manipulation of cylindrical objects of various sizes. With proper care and maintenance many years of trouble free service can be expected from these Rotators.

The basic function of our Welding Rotator is to support cylindrical objects over its supporting units and rotate them either to set the work piece for a desired operation such as ‘assembly’, peripheral welding or ‘longitudinal’ welding operation. This, therefore, helps to eliminate frequent use of cranes in the formal case, reducing idle time, and simplifies the circumferential welding operation in the later case by making use of a stationery welding head or by keeping the work piece stationary and moving the welding head longitudinally. The Rotators are the essential part of fabrication shop, such as the boiler manufacturers, where cylindrical work pieces of varying diameters are handled. It is an ideal tool for welding circumferential joints on cylindrical work pieces with the welding head fitted to the ram / boom of a ‘Column & Boom’ or for setting up the objects for longitudinal joints. With the help of a ‘Column & Boom’, high quality longitudinal as well as circumferential weld joints can be achieved on this set up, without any difficulty.

We design and manufacture Welding Rotators with a Load carrying capacity of 1 T to 500 T with a Job diameter range of 250mm to 6000mm (Higher diameters can be provided on request).

Application of our Welding Rotators:

Boiler Industries , Wind mill Production , Pipe Welding , Heat Exchanges, Turbine, Pressures Vessels.

Advantages :
  • Fully Automated.

  • Self adjustable.

  • Branded VFD motors i.e by L&T, Siemens, Sneider.

  • increases Production rate.

  • Good and Smooth Handling.

  • Rubber, steel or PU wheel, as per customers satisfaction.

  • Hand control panel facility.

  • Can be designed as movable type.

The Welding Rotator Consists of 3 Units


The Drive Frames consists of a heavy duty structural frame with the drive assembly and a set of Roller housings.


The Idler unit is essentially similar in design and construction to that of the Drive unit, except that it does not consist the roller drive mechanism and there by its elements.


The control panel is an electrical / electronic controller for the prime moving element of the drive unit is an A.C. Electric Motor. A variable speed control system is provided to facilitate to achieve infinitely variable speed for the Rotator.

Our welding Rotator Models :

1. Model - WRC (Welding Rotator Coupling Shaft Type )

WRC Model is very Stable and has a simple Design, it very comfortable model such as small boilers companies. It has very small investment cost compared to WRL & WRS Model.

2. Model - WRL (Welding Rotator Lead Screw Type )

WRL model is suitable for variable diameter of jobs. Which in return helps in increasing production rate. The job diameter is accommodated by rotating the lead screw and comes with special box wrench provided with the unit.

3. Model - WRS ( Welding Rotator Self Aligning Type )

Self Aligning type Rotators are auto adjustable type and has Roller Housings to accept job diameters with in a diameter range desired. This type of machine increases production rate to greater extent as they self align to the work piece diameter. It comes with two separate roller assemblies which facilitates wider area job. And as per safety perspective the machine is provided with the de-clutching arrangement for all the top rollers, in order to avoid sudden jerk or hit to the gear boxes.

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